Monday, March 20, 2023

Art Dash 2023

I'll be there this Thursday, March 23. Hope to see you there. It will be my third event and really enjoy meeting collectors and patrons of the arts.  Colleen


My painting Dragon's Gate donated for the event. 8x10 oil framed

excerpt-Art Dash brings together local artists and community members in a celebration of creativity, beauty and connection. Everyone who buys a $100 ticket is guaranteed a piece of art–which one depends on how fast you can claim it. All of the art is worth at least $150, and the proceeds from this event support our ever-increasingly vital mission, so you can’t lose!May be art of text that says 'Art Dash AFUNDRAISER FOR THE FRANCISCAN SPIRITUALITY CENTER'

Thursday, March 16, 2023

My painting in ArtsWest 44


Trout Falls along the La Crosse River 8x10 oil framed

excerpt from L.E. Phillips Memorial Library, Eau Claire, WI

Wisconsin ArtsWest 44   March13-May 23, 2023

Now in its 44th year, our annual juried exhibit is open to all artists and students, age 18 and older, residing in Wisconsin. The competition is juried by a working visual artist, craftsperson, or qualified individual from outside the area. The juror curates an exhibit of the strongest pieces, and they select the award winning artists.

This year, there were 171 entries submitted by 104 artists representing 25 different communities. Of these, 41 works were selected from 40 artists.

The competition is juried by a working artist, craftsperson, or qualified staff member from an art museum, gallery, or art department of a university or college. Jurors are from outside the area and are from Wisconsin or Minnesota. Prizes are donated by the Friends of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.

THE JUROR-Frank Juarez


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Monday, March 13, 2023

I thought I thaw Spring

Thaw on the Refuge 1 8x10 framed oil and cold wax

Thaw on the Refuge 2 8x10 framed oil and cold wax

We've had some winter warmer weather where spring seems to be right around the corner. As the snow was melting in the refuge there appeared a tawny yellow along the wetlands. I'm assuming this coloration was from the leaf debris, tannin and other decomposing elements. I tried capturing this special tone in the landscape with my paintings Thaw on the Refuge.

 Now I'm patiently waiting for some real spring images. Already I've seen the yellowing up of willow trees and can't wait to see the emergence of the fresh new greens as the refuge wakes up.


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Thursday, March 9, 2023

One more Winter Highlight

Winona Falls 8x10 oil unframed 
Winter isn't what it used to be for me. I don't get out and ski, or skate or go sledding anymore. I'd rather stay inside, stay warm and paint. Now for those who can't get enough of winter sports, Winona Minnesota gives climbers the chance to work on their ice climbing skills, at an old stone quarry hundreds of feet above the Mississippi River. It's part of the Sugar Loaf Park, this man made flow of ice is just one of a few in the nation.  You can walk the path up to the bluff site or if you have a zoom lens or pair of binoculars you can see them from the park below by the lake. In late February we saw at least 5 climbers.Enjoy my painting inspired by winter enthusiasts.

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Monday, March 6, 2023

Winter Refuge Focus

Winter Waters through the Refuge 11x14 oil v.

 I selected this winter scene to paint of the refuge after a visit on a nice sunny day. It's amazing the blues that show up in the snows shadow. Maybe you recognize the spot. The entrance to the Trempealeau Refuge. The river was still flowing. This is a 11x14 oil that will be the focus of my winter series for Elmaro's upcoming show in June.

 Thanks for viewing.



Friday, March 3, 2023

Turtle Stack Brewery for March

Last month at Turtle Stack Brewery 

downtown La Crosse on 2nd street across from the Radisson and La Crosse Center.

Had a great time at the First Fridays Art Walk downtown. Sketched while hanging out.



While attending  UW-La Crosse for Art, I began to learn what makes the Driftless area so special.  The La Crosse River Marsh was my first exposure to the wonders of the area. As a student, the trails were my own backyard to escape from my studies and discover the natural  world around me.

In my retirement in Onalaska,  I’m creating art inspired by my surroundings  in order to connect and  engage others to embrace the extraordinary.

                          Marsh Memories

Golden Path 8x10 oil framed $150

Red Cloud View 8x10 oil framed $150

Scarlet Creeper 8x10 oil framed$150

Miller Bluff Overlook 8x10 oil framed $150

Crossing into the Marsh 8x10 oil framed $150

Retreat from the City 11x14 oil framed SOLD $225

Grand Crossing Bluffs 8x10 oil framed $150


Bluff Marsh Patterns 8x10 oil framed $150

Magic on the Marsh-Cottonwood Trail 8x10 oil framed $150


Morning on the Marsh 8x10 oil framed $150


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Thursday, March 2, 2023

More Winter at the Refuge

I'm always amazed at how beautiful the landscape is in the winter months for paintings. The subtle colors in snow and the limited palette of colors.

Three makes a triptych. I created them all at the same time so the images knit together but will eventually frame individually. Thinking I'll offer them as a set rather than individually. Here's the winter  season on the refuge, one more season to come Spring. 

These are yet to be named and framed for Elmaro in June.

Winter's Barren Beauty in the Refuge set of 3 8x10 oil and cold wax

Thanks for viewing.

Art Dash 2023

I'll be there this Thursday, March 23. Hope to see you there. It will be my third event and really enjoy meeting collectors and patrons ...