Sunday, August 7, 2022

Fresh off the Easel from Larson's


Copeland Neighbors 8x10 oil

It's still wet and needs to dry for a couple of weeks but I couldn't resist sharing. I've been working more with palette knife and thicker paint to achieve some interesting texture. Enjoy.

While attending the First Fridays Art Walk for my display at Larson's General I decided to paint. I had done several of the boat houses in the past and it was very popular. I selected a photo I had in my folio and enjoyed the evening chatting with those that stopped by and Josh one of the owners. A great way to spend the evening.

Hope you have the chance to stop by Larson's General, they are open everyday.

Monday, August 1, 2022

Life's a Ride

Life's a Ride 8x10 oil

 This bicycle planter caught my eye at Elmaro Winery. I heard there's a long story about this bike. It does look like it's put some miles on and now being celebrated with beautiful flowers.

Speaking of miles or going the distance. My husband Eric and I are celebrating 35 years of marriage this August 1, 2022. We went out for dinner on Saturday night to commemorate and reminisced about all the ways we've celebrated and how fast the years went. We've can say we've had a good ride and in retirement years can now coast on the good times and the hard work creating a life together. 

Thursday, July 28, 2022

Larson's General thru August Display

Old Trempealeau 8x10 oil framed $150

Join me in my creative journey along the Mighty Mississippi. So many places to discover and paint. Here are just a few of my favorite spots, hope you can make it down to Larson's General on 5th and Main Street in La Crosse to see my display in person for August. 


I'll be part of the August First Fridays Art Walk from 4-7, Friday August 5. Thanks again to River City Gallery and Larson's General for supporting the arts. 

Larson's General is a mom and pop shop that offers earth friendly products.

French Island Retreat 8x10 oil framed $150

Brady's Bluff 8x10 oil framed $150

Perrot Ridge Bluff oil framed $150

Bunnell's Bluff 8x10 oil framed $150
Stars of Spring 8x10 oil framed $150
Top of O'Brady's 8x10 oil framed $150
Pantaloons of Perrot 8x10 oil framed $150
Fancy Dance 2 Ho-Chunk Regalia 11x14 oil framed $225
Fancy Dance 1 Ho-Chunk Regalia 11x14 oil framed $225
On the Verge of Spring 8x10 oil framed $150
Spring Unfurls 8x10 oil framed $150
Trempealeau Refuge Trail 11x14 oil framed $225
On the Square Galesville 11x14 oil framed $225
Golden Moments at Elmaro 8x10 framed $150

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Plein Air Works

Prairie Morning 8x10 oil unframed

A few more attempts at plein air painting since the workshop. Getting out during the mornings and cooler afternoons to push that paint around. I did need to evaluate and make some adjustments in the studio afterwards. Hopefully the more I do the better I'll get.

Road to Spillway 8x10 oil unframed $50

River Bend in Perrot 8x10 oil unframed $50


Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Hixon Garden Roses

Sunday's La Crosse Folk Life was a great day to paint in the gardens. The trellis of roses was my subject matter to paint plein air. 

Hixon Garden Roses 8x10 oil unframed $50

I did a few more additions in the studio. The painting was a bit wet and wouldn't take the highlights of white on the trellis plus I couldn't come up with the fuchsia colored roses with the paint I had on hand. So it goes, a little more work on the canvas in the studio making some adjustments. But here it is now.

Thanks to the staff and volunteers of La Crosse County Historical Society and Hixon House. I enjoyed interacting with the participants and other demonstrators.

At the beginning blocking in the shapes

As far as I got onsite

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Folk Life La Crosse at Historic Hixon House

Gideon's Grand Entry 8x10 unframed oil hold

I'll be joining other local artisans to show how I create my art this Sunday, July 17 from 10-3. This free event will be held on the grounds of the historic Hixon House at 429 7th St. N. in downtown La Crosse. Museum tours of the home will also be available for a $6 fee.

Did you know? 

The Hixon House was finished being built 1858. During that same time artists were headed outside to paint because of a new development, the 1841 invention of the paint tube. American artist/inventor John Goffe Rand transported artists from pig bladders and glass syringes to the collapsible metal tube, allowing artist to take their hand made oil paint with them outside to create. ( I like to think of this as the cell phone of their decade). 

This invention was one of the events that lead to the birth of the Impressionist Movement 1860-1886, of capturing the light and reflecting the world we live in.

Fortunately, Winsor-Newton, art supply manufacturer acquired the patent and thought to add the screw cap as a final touch. Good thinking on their part I'd say.

I'll be painting plein air much like the impressionists of the late 1800's. You'll find me with my pochade box and easel by the gardens.

Thanks for viewing Colleen Shore




















Monday, July 11, 2022

Learning to Push the Paint

Marsh Study One 8x10 oil

Tree Line Study One oil

Marsh Study Two 8x10 oil

 At the end of June I attended a workshop offered by Kami Mendlik of St. Croix River School of  Painting. It was a wonderful 3 days of trying to absorb new techniques and approaches. As in the title of this post, we were learning to push paint. Thank you again Kami for your patience and sharing your passion for painting.

I'm excited to keep going with this approach and want to share some of my studies during the weekend. Some of the things I needed to change were, as Kami worded it, paint like your rich. So on goes the paint the colors in thick strokes just begging for a palette knife to cut into it. Even the method of mixing paints was new to me. She showed us how to whip it up without using any gamsol until it's consistency reminded me of butter.

I felt like a chef prepping my ingredients then wallah a recipe for success.

I still have a lot of work to do incorporating the new information in my brain so my hands and eyes see the tones and values. These studies are pretty rough, they don't have the finesse that will hopefully come later as I search for my style.

Fresh off the Easel from Larson's

  Copeland Neighbors 8x10 oil It's still wet and needs to dry for a couple of weeks but I couldn't resist sharing. I've been wor...