Sunday, January 19, 2020

Floating along the River

Copeland Boat Houses 11x14 $50
An iconic part of living on the west coast of Wisconsin are the boathouses on the Black River by Copeland Park.

Not to be confused with houseboats.
They don't actually house boats, but afford those lucky few with a getaway right on the water.

Fall on the River 8x10 $30

These unique floating cabins are what's left of family havens on the river. Those that remain are grandfathered in and many are slowly disappearing.

During the summer you see large family groups gathered, cooking out and splashing around or fishing from their tiny platforms. Looks like a lot of fun on a hot day.

Black River Bridge 5x7 $20

As they say here in La Crosse, Summer on the River and Some are Not.

So it's time for us to go a float with a cruise. Will return blogging with lots of drawings from my upcoming adventure. Bon Voyage.

What to pack for art supplies? 

Camera, extra batteries, extra SD cards, paper, pens, pencils, markers, pencil sharpener, eraser.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Puzzled A Bit

Trempealeau Bay-1 8x10 $30
I know it takes time to master a new technique, but it also takes time to find out your style.

Each one of these paintings is from the same scene overlooking Trempealeau Bay at Perrot State Park.

So I began the first painting with the same approach that I'm trying to master, which gives a lot of detail.

Trempealeau Bay-2 8x10 $30

For the second style I held back more, to what usually happens toward the beginning of a painting, and then tried to finish off the lines with the simplest of details.

Trempealeau Bay-3 8x10 $30

Then It tried to do again what I did in the first painting but with more restraint and softer with less detail.

Trempealeau Bay Before Wax

 Now for my last attempt, you could almost consider this a style something very abstract, but it was really the under painting for my next experimentation with cold wax. A product you add to the paint to thicken it creating a more imposto texture. It also makes the painting more matte. You use any tool at hand to apply or remove as needed. The under painting then can be revealed if needed.
Trempealeau Bay-4 8x10 $30
So the fourth is highly textured and so much looser in identifying the landscape.

So which Style do you prefer?

 Inspired by Kevin Macpherson who did 366 paintings, one each day of the year. Yes it was leap year. He used the same pond setting and accomplished this over several years noting each day he had done a painting. The variety of weather and light was amazing from the few paintings I've seen. I hear he even made a coffee table book about this artistic endeavor.

A gift from the Larson's

So as you can see I'm a bit puzzled. 

I know I just had to get this cute little image in my blog somehow. Thanks for indulging me.

Monday, January 6, 2020

2020 or MMXX

Trempealeau Passage 11x14-$50 SOLD

Moving into the new year I need to ask myself,

What's Next?

It will be a year of questions and queries on how I develop my art. After a first one hundred paintings in 2019 I'm already at another 28. But whose counting, me of course! I need to monitor and measure my progress or regress which ever the case may be.

Bluffland Bounty 8x10-$30
I've added a variety of sizes to my studio works, going with standard framing sizes of 11x14, 8x10 and 5x7. Since I don't sell my artwork framed, unless in an exhibition, it keeps the price down and everyone has a different idea about framing.

Wine Time 5x7-$20
I started to do a few groupings of paintings using all the sizes. This posting I've chose several photos from areas around Trempealeau, Wisconsin. The Mississippi River lock and dam and the local Elmaro Winery. 

So the question I pose to those reading this post is-

Does Size Matter? 

Would love to hear your response!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Refuge Respite

Boardwalk at Necedah 8x10 $30
Taking the time to enjoy some of the nicest stops around.

Our National Refuge lands across the state are beautiful places to walk and reflect.

Here's three of those special places.

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge, along the boardwalk in Wisconsin's central swamp.

Trempeauleau Refuge Trail 11x14 $50

Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge, walking from the Marshland entrance through the bottomland forest.

Upper Mississippi National Wildlife Refuge La Crosse at Brice Prairie. Paved walkway in the Sand Prairie.
Brice Prairie Walk 5x7 $20

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Best Present Sharing

It's hard to describe how excited I get seeing my art displayed in people's home.

Shown on the left of this photo are a number of current pieces along side one of my large landscapes done about 20 years ago, from a photo I took 45 years ago. Here's to the past and future.

Thanks Jeanie and Terry
When I see them in a collection, that I didn't anticipate, it amazes even myself that my colors and style are pretty consistent.

Thank Jodi and Les

My artwork does enjoy the company of others, even if Tigger is a bit standoffish, at least to me.

Thanks Lois and Ken

Add caption
I get to adorn a guest room in Asheville. So if you're lucky enough to be invited, do enjoy. It was pointed out the pot on the dresser is also one of my attempts at ceramics in college. Oh my!

Thanks Sylvia and Joe

Hope Bandit enjoyed his portrait.


Being the center of attention or even the center of mantle of this fireplace is quite an honor. A girl's best friend, her sister.

Thanks Mary

  Here's man's best friend and favorite sport. A lot of ball chasing behind these scenes.

Thanks John

It's really nice to hang out with other favorites too, like prestigious galleries.

Thanks Kalla

This one will be displayed at the upcoming fourth annual Art Dash on March 26, 2020.

A real honor to be part of the fundraiser for the Franciscan Spirituality Center here in La Crosse.

It's titled Horseshoe Falls-Part 2, depicting a Wisconsin State Natural Area in Perrot State Park. This small cove only pours when it rains. It's mossy rock ledges are home to swallows, an intimate place in nature and respite from our busy lives.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

Birthday Presents

Not getting older, hopefully getting better as an artist. Time for some inspiration and a little help from my friends.

We visited the Milwaukee Art Museum with a docent tour, enlightening us to many interesting tales about different artists and their works. I left with this little souvenir, a Monet Magnet. It was a toss up between Van Gogh, but since Vince still had two ears it didn't seem realistic. I'm so impressionable.

A side tour to Lakefront Brewery was hilarious, our MC was Amy Sue and she even crowned me Queen. Must do tour, adults only.

We also celebrated with a Bloody's from Sobelmans, Symphony sounds and finished off my day with a nice dinner with husband and sister.

Some awesome gifts for the artist.

Can't wait to get to try out my new Plein Air umbrella.

Plus a visit to Michael's art store with my gift card.

Actually I never thought I'd make it.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Overseas Presence

Ellie & Jovi at Ballyloughane Beach, Gallway Ireland-SOLD
Soon to be shipped across the Atlantic. A commission for family allows me to claim I have my paintings in Europe, only 5 more continents to go.

It was a real treat to paint these two, I especially loved the setting.

Floating along the River

Copeland Boat Houses 11x14 $50 An iconic part of living on the west coast of Wisconsin are the boathouses on the Black River by Copeland...