Thursday, November 26, 2020

Heartfelt Thanks

I hope this message finds you safe and taking the precautions necessary to protect others. I want to send a big thank you to those that have been so supportive in my creative efforts. From encouraging words, responding with likes and hearts, sharing my artwork with others and of course those that have one of my paintings hanging in their homes.

Bleeding Hearts 5x7 unframed oil on panel

To show my appreciation I want to give away this painting of bleeding hearts. It was a favorite flower my mother would grow in her garden. I am thankful for the time I had with her.

Please join me in giving thanks to someone you are missing this Thanksgiving due to Covid 19 isolation. By email at, or responding to this blog or comment to this posting. Share your heartfelt thanks and the name of the person who you are unable to gather with this Thanksgiving Day. 

My husband will randomly draw from the responses I receive by noon on Sunday, November 29, 2020. He says that you don't need to be present to win, he's a funny guy. Then I'll ship anywhere in the contiguous United States to the person in your statement, with a message from you. I'll ask for the address when you've won.

Now doesn't that sound like fun! Enjoy, thanks again for reading this blog and stay safe. Colleen Shore

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Overlooking Onalaska

I didn't want to overlook Onalaska, WI for a series of hometown favorite paintings. Reflecting on autumns gorgeous colors to some past favorites. The main part of the city is along Hwy 35 with great views over Lake Onalaska. Here Sunny the Sunfish greets visitor at one of those views. An icon of the area.

Sunny the Sunfish 8x10 $30

All along the waterfront you can reach Onalaska by car or bike in on the Great River State Bike Trail which leads to the downtown and Great River Landing welcome center.
Downtown Landing 8x10 $30

Down by the river which is actually the Black River, the spillway is surrounded by giant Cottonwood Trees creating a favorite shady spot for fisherman and waterfowl.

Spillway 8x10 $30
Main Street of Onalaska is brightly adorned by baskets of bountiful blooms celebrating a homey atmosphere.
Bountiful Atmosphere 5x7 $20

Stop at another overlook and you can see our neighboring bluffs of Minnesota.

Onalaska Overlook 8x10 $30

If you have awhile, meet the people of Onalaska for some entertainment at Dash-Park across the street from the Great River Landing welcome center. Hopefully the gatherings will continue next summer when we are all clear of covid.

Gatherings Dash-Park 11x14 $50

Questions or perhaps to purchase one of my original unframed oil paintings on panels, please contact me at Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Brice Prairie and Beyond

My creative process to capture the beauty in the area I live in is supplemented with learning more about this place called home. This grouping depicts Brice Prairie here in Onalaska, on the bottoms of the bluffland. Defined by the Black River and Lake Onalaska, the area once farmland, is now more country suburb.

Swan Family Search 8x10 $30

Searching on the internet for what makes Brice Prairie special I came across a listing of an Indian Burial ground. They said it had no markers, just a vacant lot. We searched from the information provided and I think I know about where, but could not confirm. Here's a painting of the approximate area down by Fred Funk Landing and the beautiful view we can share with them now. The burial consisted of several families most who had lost their loved ones from the influenza outbreak of 1918. 

Retreat on the River 8x10 $30

Another favorite spot is Lytle's Landing which leads adventurers to a paddling route or a connection to the Great River Bike Trail. Small getaway cabins still line the Black River shores.

Pining for a Picnic 8x10 $30

Red Pines Restaurant the perfect local hangout for dinner and a date. I miss the Sunday Bloody special and Trivia nights. It was something that got us through the winter. Heard they were closed again for COVID. Once things are over I hoping they have a seat for us.

Burr Oaks Return 8x10 SOLD
Milk Weed Maze 8x10 SOLD

Brice Prairie Walkway 5x7 $20

A more recent new neighbor is the Upper Mississippi Wildlife Refuge office in Onalaska. They offer a beautiful nature and educational center with restored prairie surrounding them.

I think the last thing I attended, inside a building, was here, last March. Seems really long ago.

Questions or perhaps to purchase one of my original unframed oil paintings, please contact me at Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Myrick and the Marsh

An oasis in the middle of La Crosse, Wisconsin lies Myrick Park and the magnificent marsh to it's north. This wilderness within the city is another unique landscape to try and capture. The paths were my stomping grounds as a college student and resident of Laux Hall. It was the perfect place to blow off the books for a nature hike. Happy to say the efforts so far to fill it in have been fought and the area is developing for recreational use.

Wetland Tribute 8x10 SOLD

 The nature center is a more recent addition to the park, a welcome site that is focusing on the needs of our environment.

Landscape Interrupted 8x10 SOLD

Nice walks along the trails still compete with other needs. This natural sponge absorbs excess water and gives back to the local wildlife. 

Swamp Blooms 5x7 $20

Soaking Up the Beauty 8x10 SOLD

Traversing Interests 8x10 SOLD

There was a time when zoo's were the place to see wildlife. Glad we figured out all you have to do is hike into the marsh to view all sorts of interesting and entertaining creatures. 

Zoo Remnants 8x10 $30


Grand Dads Blessing 8x10 $30

Questions or perhaps to purchase one of my original unframed oil paintings, please contact me at Thanks for viewing.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Goose Island Getaway

Not far from the south end of La Crosse, WI, is Goose Island County Park. Set among the back sloughs of the Mississippi where you can lose time and place. I'm finding I don't have to go far from home to find these tranquil spots in nature.

Goose Island Bluffs 8x10 SOLD
It's been depressing to not be able to venture to the warmer states of the south for the upcoming winter months and escape with the snow birds of Wisconsin. My hopes of painting in National Parks capturing their profound beauty has to be put on hold, in order to beat the Pandemic. It has caused me to review what is around me and try to capture the local beauty. 

Slough Trail 8x10 $30

I think I forgot what a special place we live in. Forgive me for my oversight as I dedicate my focus back on the Driftless Region and all it's loveliness.

Southern Exposure 8x10 $30

It was especially beautiful since the fall colors were at their peak.

Goose Island Backwaters 8x10 $30

Questions or perhaps to purchase one of my original oil paintings, please contact me at Thanks for viewing.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Invite to Paint

My friend Karen reached out to me on one of those beautiful fall days with an invitation. Enticing me with news of golden leaves surrounding the valley she lives in, named End of the Rainbow.

I couldn't resist the chance to reconnect and share a moment with her plus an opportunity to paint plein air. The timing was perfect, the sun was just right, the trees were shimmering. After a few strokes onto my canvas I discovered I had no medium for thinning my oils. I conferred with my host for any walnut oil she might have, since I'd used that before and settled on olive oil. Why not, what did I have to lose, I was here to paint.

End of the Rainbow 
As it turns out, it wasn't the best choice. The paint did glide on smoothly and I finished my painting later to find out that this moment in time may be fleeting. The paint may never dry. Now we wait. 

As life goes, I don't regret or want to dwell too much on the misfortune of my artistic efforts. It was a beautiful day with a friend and I have a wonderful shared memory.

Farm Games 5x7 SOLD

Tractor Days 8x10 SOLD

As always I took lots of photos of the farm for my studio paintings. Karen puts a lot of artistic flair in the landscape. I found her collection of artifacts along a post on her porch reminded me of a totem of  interesting objects she had collected. My favorite is the Picassoeske painting she displays in the chicken coop. I guess it isn't so bad being detained if you have art to look at.

Rural Totem 5x7 $20

Cooped Up 8x10 SOLD

Red seems to be a common thread is the rural landscape. I'm just drawn to painting them.

Tree House 5x7 $20

Barn Dance 11x14 SOLD

After a lovely day with a great friend and a lesson learned.

Man plans, Goats laugh 8x10 $30

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Falling for Color

 The greens of summer have given way to the drama of fall. It can be difficult to render all the greens we have in Midwest. Summer rain makes for such a lush valley but after awhile it becomes kinda mundane and the artist in me loves the change of season and the change of color to paint.

Here are some of my latest oil paintings celebrating color. 

From a woodland hike at Pike Lake State Park in the heart of Kettle Moraine.

Woodland Yellows 8x10 $30
To the highway 35 overlook of Lake Onalaska.
Onalaska Overlook 8x10 $30
Just down the street from me a neighbors glorious riot of color that greets me as I return home.
Neighboring Maples 8x10 SOLD
I fortunately don't have to look far from home to see some beautiful sights.

Heartfelt Thanks

I hope this message finds you safe and taking the precautions necessary to protect others. I want to send a big thank you to those that have...